Subhashitah 4

Subhashitah (4)


ìY"z {S"G"# T"Zpu \"u{O", BpNpS"p “C"sE"uO"_"pX"o$

íQpZE"qZO"pS"pz O"s, \"_"sR"v\" @s¡Js>XV"@¡X"o:

Ayam nijah paro vati, gananaa laghuchetasam, Udaaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam. “This is mine”, “That is not mine”, This attitude is of mean-minded ones. For the noble-minded ones, the entire universe is one family.

S"p{W"^"u@¡pu S" _"z_@¡pZ#, {_"z`_Y" {+¡Y"O"u \"S"u$

{\"+¡X"p{G"êO" _"O\"_Y", _\"Y"X"u\" X"wBpuSçO"p:

Naabhisheko na sanskaara, hinsaa kriyati vane, Vikramaarjita satvasya, svayameva


There is no crowning ceremony for the lion in the forest, he is declared the king of all

animals by virtue of his own strength.

ìð\"z S"v\" BpG"z S"v\"z, \Y"pC"zø S"v\" E" S"v\" E"$

ìG"pT"se"z V"{“z QQoY"pO", QuA"pu QlV"ê“C"pO"s@¡#:

Ashvam naiva gajam naiva, vyaaghram naiva cha naiva cha,

Ajaaputram balim dadyaat, devo durbalaghaatukah.

Not a horse, not an elephant and never a tiger. A sheep is offered as sacrifice for the

god. Even God punishes the weak!

@w¡O"u X"Se"T"øY"puBpu \"p, e"uO"pY"pz O"Se"_"pR"S"u$

Qo\"pT"Zu \Y"t`ZE"S"u, ðp{˜¡# _"zC"u {` _"p @¡“pv:

Krute mantra prayoge vaa, tretaayaam tantra saadhane,

Dwaapare vyooharachane, shaktih sanghe hi saa kalau.

In Krita-Yuga (pre-Ramayan period), the strength was in chanting powerful mantras.In

Treta-Yuga, (Ramayan period), the strength was in powerful weapons. In Dwapar-Yuga

(Mahabharat period), the strength was in army formations. In Kali-Yuga (present

times), organization is strength.

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