Subhashitah 6

Subhashitah (6)


{T"øY"\"p×Y" T"øQpS"uS", _"\"uê O"s^Y"[SO" G"SO"\"#$

O"_X"pO"o O"Qu\" \"˜¡\Y"X"o, \"E"S"u @¡p QqZçO"p:

Priya vaakya pradaanena sarve tushyanti jantavah.

Tasmaat tadeva vaktavyam, vachane kaa daridrataa.

By offering of sweet words, everyone can be pleased.

Therefore offer sweet words. Why be mean in speech?

{@z¡ W"pZX"o _"X"P"êS"pX"o, {@z¡ QmZX"o \Y"\"_"p{Y"S"pX"o$

@¡pu {\"Quðp# _"{\"QoY"pS"pX"o, @¡# T"Z# {T"øY"\"p{QS"pX"o$

Kim bhaaram samarthanam, kim dooram vyavasaayinaam,

Ko videshahsavidyanam,kah parah priyavaadinam.

What is heavy for a capable man? What is distance for a business man? Which is a

foreign country for a learned man? Who is an alien to a sweet spoken person?

`X" “puBppuë X"uë E"p`u {G"O"S"u î¡T"Zr X"O"W"uQ {QA"pòê Quë T"ZSO"s `X" _"pZu {`SQm O"O\"O"# ï@¡ `vë$

`X"pZp O"O\"c"pS" ï@¡ `v$

O"S" X"S" G"r\"S" _"u ò_"@¡” Zb"p @¡ZS"p `X"pZp @¡O"ê\Y" `v$

L>px×J>Z `uBpL>u\"pZ

We (Bharteeyas) may on the surface appear to have differing views, but the inner core

of all the Hindus is essentially one. Our Foundational Knowledge base is One. To

protect that with our mind, body and lives is ourDuty.

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