Subhashitah 7

Subhashitah (7)


ìpZXW"Bps\"rê b"{Y"Npr +¡X"uNp,

“C\"r T"sZp \"w{«X"O"r E" T"ðE"pO"o$

{QS"_Y" T"t\"pêR" T"ZpR"ê {W"SS"p,

F>pY"v\" X"ve"r A"“s _"GG"S"pS"pX"o$

Aarambha gurvi kshyini kramena,

laghvi pura vriddhimati cha pashchat,

Dinasya poorvaardha paraardha bhinna,

Chaayaiva khalu sajjanaanam.

Very big to start with, but dies down soon; very small in the beginning and

then grows steadily. The friendship with wicked and noble ones are like

the shadows after noon and before noon.

ìÚT"pS"pX"{T" \"_O"tS"pz _"z`{O"# @¡pY"ê_"p{R"@¡pX"o$

O"wNpvBpsêNpO\"X"pT"SS"v# V"RY"SO"u X"f"Q[SO"S"#$

Alpaanam api vastoonam sanhatih karyasaadhikam,

Trinair gunatwamapannaih, badhyante mattadantinah.

Even trifles can achieve a great deal when organized. A rope made out of

grass can bind a mad elephant.

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