Subhashitah 8

Subhashitah (8)


_"OY"X"u\" G"pY"O"u S"pS"wO"X"o$

Satyameva Jayate

Truth is always victorious

ì{`z_"p T"ZX"pu R"X"êo#$

Ahimsa paramo dharmaha

Non-violence (non-hurting) is the greatest Dharma

T"ZpuT"@¡pZpY" _"O"pz {\"W"tO"Y"#$

Paropkaaraaya sataam vibhootayah

Service to others is the very reason for your existence

{\"üp{\"`rS"# T"ðps#$

Vidya viheenah pashuhu

Devoid of learning and knowledge, you are verily an animal

íüpu{BpS"z T"sà^"{_"z`X"sT"v{O" “bX"r#$

Udyogin purushahinsmupaiti Lakshmeehi

Lakshmi graces only the industrious

R"X"pêP"ê@¡pX"X"pub"pNppX"pZpuBY"z X"t“X"sOO"X"X"o$

Dharmaartha kaamokshaam aarogyam moolam uttamam

Dharma Artha Kama Mosksha is the fundamental secret to removal of all miseries

G"“{\"SQl{S"T"pO"uS" +¡X"ðp# T"tY"êO" C"J>#$

Jalavindu nipaatena kramashaha pooryate ghataha

Tiny drops of water falling one by one gradually fill up the big vessel.

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