Subhashitah 9

Subhashitah (9)


Y"# {+¡Y"p\"pS"o _"# T"[NL>O"#$

Yaha kriyaavaan saha panditaha

One who exerts effort is a learned man

ì{O" _"\"êe" \"G"êY"uO"o$

Ati sarvatra varjayet

Avoid excess of anything.

{S"\"pêNpQrT"u {@z¡ O"v“QpS"X"o$

Nirvaandeepe kim tailadaanam

The enlightened person does not need to light a lamp

X"pS"pu {` X"`O"pz R"S"X"o$

Mano hi mahatam dhanam

Self respect is the most treasured wealth for a noble person

_\"Quðpu T"tGY"O"u ZpG"p, {\"ŸpS"o _"\"êe" T"tGY"O"u$

Swadeshe poojyate raja, vidvaan sarvatra poojate

A king is regarded only within a country, a learned person is worshipped everywhere.

QlQlêZp# Y"e" \"˜¡pZ# O"e" X"pvS"z {` ðppuW"S"X"o$

Durduraaha yatra vaktaarah tatra maonam hi shobhanam

The greatness of silence mitigates harmful speech

S" X"pO"s# T"Zz Qv\"O"X"o$

na maatuhu param daivatam

There is no greater God than Mother