Subhashitah 1



{\"Quðpu^"s R"S"z {\"üp \Y"_"S"u^"s R"S"z X"{O"#$

T"Z“pu@u¡ R"S"z R"X"ê# ðpr“z _"\"êe" \"v R"S"X"o:

Videsheshu-Dhanam-Vidya, Vyasaneshu-Dhanam-Matih,

Parloke-Dhanam-Dharmah, Sheelam-Sarvatra-Vaye-Dhanam

The best asset in a foreign land is knowledge, in the field of commerce the best asset is

clear thinking, Dharma is your asset for the next life, and virtuous conduct is an asset


S"p[_O" {\"üp_"X"z E"b"sS"pê[_O" _"OY"_"X"z O"T"#$

S"p[_O" ZpBp_"X"z Ql#A"z S"p[_O" OY"pBp_"X"z _"sA"X"o:

Na-asti-Vidya-samam-Chakshur, Na-asti-Satya-samam-Tapah,

Na-asti-Raaga-samam-Dhukham, Na-asti-Tyaaga-samam-Sukham.

There are no greater eyes than Knowledge, no greater principle to strive for than truth,

no greater misery than attachment and no greater happiness than sacrifice for others

{\"üp QQp{O" {\"S"Y"z {\"S"Y"pQo Y"p{O" T"pe"O"pX"o$

T"pe"O\"pQo R"S"X"pTS"pu{O" R"S"pQoR"X"ê_O"O"# _"sA"X"o:

Vidya-Dadaati-vinayam, Vinayam-Vinayaad-Yaati-Paatrataam,

Paatra-tvaada-Dhanam-apnoti, Dhanaada-dharmastatah Sukham.

True Knowledge gives rise to humility.