Vastu Shastra Products


The interaction between man and the five elements or Panchabhootas creates positive as well as negative energies and the focus of Vastu Shastra is to enhance the positive effects and protect man from the negative effects. The Science of Vastu Shastra is applicable even today although India has evolved from a largely agricultural society to urban cities because the Earth, the five elements and its various effects like magnetic, gravitational fields, directions etc have remained the same and continue to affect man in the same way.

There are a number of products or instruments for correction of negative energies and enhancement of positive forces.

  1. Pyramids

The word ‘Pyramid’ is a combination of two words ‘Pyra’ and ‘Mid’. ‘Pyra’ originated from the Greek word ‘Piros’ meaning fire and ‘mid’ implies the centre point. In other words the term Pyramid refers to any mass or object that has a concentration of energy (fire) at its centre. Many societies around the world have thus made use of the concept of Pyramids in the construction of temples, pagodas and other structures. The pyramids of Egypt are world famous structures and the pyramids of the Mayan and Egyptian cultures have always been an integral part of their civilisation. Every structure has a centre and the geometrical pattern of the pyramid enables the attraction of all energy particles from the surroundings creating a force field.

>The beneficial use of pyramids dates back to the Vedic period. The ‘Rangoli’ in front of houses also originated in a pyramid shape to create a flow of positive energy into the house. The inauspicious energy ‘Yin’ is said to be balanced by using nine or sets of nine pyramids. The slanting or sloping sides of the pyramid meet at the top and there are different types of pyramids made use of in Vastu Shastra. Vastu pyramid like instruments are used which are energized and have powers to consolidate positive energies and obstruct negative ones. They are available in various types like Promax Pyramids, Supermax Pyramids, Flatmax Pyramids, Agro Pyramid, Multi Tier Pyramid etc. In India there are many examples of pyramid temples like Brihadeeshwara temple at Thanjavur, Srirangam temple etc.

  1. Yantra

The Vastu Yantra is a sacred object made of copper, silver or gold which when placed in the right area subjugates the effects of negative influences and enhances positive influences. Many places have ‘doshas’ or problems which cannot be physically changed and in such cases the correct placement of the Vastu Yantra, is the only solution to the problem. With appropriate rituals and worship the Yantra is placed under the earth or installed in the pooja room or a sacred place in the house. There are different kinds of Vastu Yantras. These are Ganesh Yantra, Lakshminarayan Yantra, Durga Yantra, Vishnu Yantra etc which propitiate various Gods to fulfil various desires like money, progeny, health etc.

  1. Energy Plate

It is present in different colours and symbols and is a sacred amulet or talisman placed during excavation or under the main flooring to energise the place in a positive manner. It is made from gold, silver or copper. The Swastik is one of the most famous ones used for this purpose.

  1. Gemstone

A gemstone generally depends on the astrological sign that one is born into. This is similar to astrology and Vastu gemstones work on two theories namely radioactive effect and spectrum effect. These gemstones are natural stones mined from the surface of the earth and affect the energy pattern of each individual. The Vastu gemstones are classified into two kinds namely Hot and Cold. The examples of Hot gemstones are Ruby, Diamond, Red Coral etc and Cold gemstones are Topaz, Pearl, Blue Sapphire etc. These gemstones if selected with exact knowledge of star signs and auspicious dates can cause significant changes towards the betterment of the life of an individual. These gemstones have to be acquired only from reliable sources to avoid fake versions.

  1.  Crystal

Vastu crystal is a three dimensional crystal shaped structure of transparent stone which is said to be extremely beneficial in enhancing positive energies. The crystals are made from different ethnic stones yielding mystic energy which affects the aura of an individual. Proper selection by an expert is of primary importance for best results.

  1. Books

There are a number of books written by Vastu experts to improve awareness and enhance the knowledge of the masses by explaining complex principles of Vastu Shastra in a simple manner to be understood by laymen.


There are different guidelines given by Vastu experts suiting construction for different types of dwellings like residential, commercial, temples, education houses etc and knowledge and application of the right kind of Vastu can greatly enhance the positive forces and subdue the negative influences to yield maximum results.