Vidura Neethi



Vidura is one of the main characters in Mahabharata. He is the prime minister of the Hastinapura Kingdom and the brother of the blind King Dhritarashtra. He is considered to an incarnation of Lord Yama Bhagavan, the death god, and lived his life in a righteousness manner.

Vidura was the son of Sage Vyasa and Parishrami, a pious maid. He was highly respected by the Pandavas and Lord Krishna for his good manners.  He also safeguarded the Pandavas from the attacks of Kauravas, and acted as a godfather to them.

Vidura neethi was written by Vidura, and it is considered as the best teachings for the people. The details are as follows:

  1. A noble person should pray to the almighty for the prosperity of all the living beings in the world.
  2. He should remove the tears of the sufferers and provide food to the hunger and starved people. He should consider the sufferings of others as his own, and must be kind with everyone.
  3. He should show mercy on all the living beings including insects, birds and animals, and must not harm the creations of the god.
  4. He should try to improve in the growth of agriculture and must pray to the god for getting sufficient rain during the rainy seasons.
  5. He should treat the females as his own sisters and mothers, and must act as a guardian for them.
  6. He should be easily accessible to the people and must try to know their difficulties, and should remove it.
  7. He should educate the poor and the under privileged children.
  8. He should always speak softly and gently with others.
  9. He should be well educated and a learned person and he must share his knowledge with others.
  10. He must be a god fearing person.
  11. He should respect his parents similar to the god, and must provide proper food to them.
  12. He should never scold others.
  13. He should give his excess wealth for charitable purpose.
  14. He should also respect his servants properly, and must not treat them as slaves.
  15. He should never acquire wealth dishonestly.
  16. He should be in the company of wise and good friends.
  17. He should be calm like the Holy River Ma Ganga who tolerates the sinful acts of the people, and gives all kinds of prosperity to them.
  18. He should talk less and work more.