India is blessed with so many scriptures which were initially passed on from gurus to their sishyas through sravanam or listening. These were then compiled on palm leaves, stone tablets and metal sheets before being published as books. We are now advancing even further taking them into the virtual world placing them online for the benefit of all seekers throughout the world. We are just a click away from these ancient treasures. How did our forefathers manage to accomplish so much so long ago? What was life in the ancient times? In their quest for individual evolution they have given us timeless revelations that have been well recorded for generations of men and women. They provide answers to so many questions that arise in our minds today. We celebrate their wisdom, their farsightedness and welcome you to www. to share our joy of belonging to such a magnificent heritage.What to look for on the site?
There are different classifications under which you can get authentic information related to our scriptures.

The main scripture of Hinduism is the ‘PrasthanaThraya’ comprising of the Upanishads, the Brahma Sutras and the Bhagawad Gita. Information about the Vedas, Upa Vedas, Smritis, Puranas eighteen in all, Darshanas and Agamas can be found in detail in this section. Some of the scriptures are in digitized format to provide you with the original experience. We are still in the process of digitizing remaining scriptures.

Hinduism is associated with a pantheon of gods. But all of them are aspects of the one Supreme Godhead known as Brahman. ‘Ekam Sat ViprahBahudahVadanti’- Truth is one, the Wise call it by many names. In a sense Hinduism follows ‘monotheistic polytheism’. Learn about all the deities in the Hindu pantheon by following this section.

The teachers or gurus are given the highest honor in our religion. Acharyadevobhava- Find information about inspiring masters and great teachers here.

Places of Worship
Want to undertake Yatras? Then know about the significance of the place. All religions have holy places that are associated with various deities. Why are these places so labeled? Learn about these in this section.

Our land is famous for the rich festivals which are observed differently in different states and this rich canvas contributes to our cultural diversity. After reading this section, you will avoid going out of the city during any of these festivals and would rather be part of it.

Vedic Society
Vedic or Indian Hindu Society with its customs and code of living is very unique and if you want to get information about the manners, customs, way of life of the people of the Vedic age, then this is the section to look out for.

Vedic Knowledge
The contribution of the doyens of the Vedic Age to this world is innumerable. They were well advanced in every sphere of life, be it music, medicine, fine arts, architecture, warfare, economics, mathematics, political science, art of governance, name it you can find it. Well researched articles contributed by eminent scholars make this section interesting.

Know Why
Are you curious to know the significance of various customs? There is a meaning behind every ritual like worshipping Lord Shiva using Bilva leaves or adorning the doorstep of our homes with rangoli or patterns. Knowing the meaning transforms every ordinary chore into a lofty offering.

Art and Traditions of India
The rich tapestry of our country is woven with the matchless traditions from each state. Glimpse through for more info on how creative Indians are, how the rich cultural heritage got developed and what do we have to learn from them. All these and much more, Welcome to a whole new experience.

Our aim is to create a one-stop portal with our Scriptures, epics, articles on our scriptures and also books in the digitized format. The articles are contributed by renowned gurus, scholars and reputed institutions from India as well as from all over the world. These are presented in a logical, scientific and rational manner. The user friendly portal hopes to capture the imagination of the youth and get them interested in our scriptures. Professionals should be able to enrich their lives as they seek answers and suggestions to various aspects of life and living from the wisdom of our seers whose message is both eternal and relevant to any age. Above all the portal should become an effective medium in the virtual world by creating a platform for people from all over the world to connect and interact with Vedic scholars and specialists of religion and philosophy.

· Promote seminars, conferences and workshops on various scripture based topics across the world
· Present Hindu value system to other religious organizations on various interfaith forums
· Motivate seekers to actively participate in various cultural and ritual activities in their respective cities and countries
· Raise funds to save libraries, manuscripts, and rare books on Vedic culture
· Provide live support for any queries related to courses, institutions, universities and other related topics
· Publish study materials on various aspects of Sanaatan Dharma
· Create a platform for scholars and researchers to exchange their views on the site

Content features
The content presented on the portal is original and backed by renowned authors and writers. Readers will find the articles inspiring as they travel back in time and relive the experiences of the denizens of the Vedic Period. A bimonthly Newsletter Vedvani is sent to all registered users of the portal. The newsletter has interesting information on the festivals of the month, inspiring stories and anecdotes, great personalities, an exclusive children’s section and many more. Registration to the portal is free. We encourage your participation on our discussion forums. Queries on spiritual and religious matters raised by readers will be answered by our in-house team of experts. We hope to create a cohesive community of scholars and seekers who can participate and share their knowledge on the site. We have initiated an online community of Pundits to publicise their services to help the general public avail of such services in their localized areas. It has been a wonderful endeavor to create an online directory of institutions, gurus, Vedic schools, holy places, libraries, books, temples etc.

You can even take your interest in religion a little further by Registering to our course material on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies by visiting the site Keep yourselves informed about World news related to Vedic world. There is something here for everyone including a Kids’ zone.