Eye and ENT clinic by Shree Jain youth league Thika

The Eye and ENT camp arranged by Shree Jain Youth League of Thika in Kisumu was conducted in four completely different locations around Kisumu; the first day was at Ngere Primary school in Ahero, second was Konditi School at Peponditi, third was at Wagai primary school in Yala and fourth was Jalaram School in Kisumu central.

Dr. S.K. Savla was leading the camp with eight doctors from India; he has been coming to Kenya for last 37 years in April to serve the local community for eye related problems especially cataract. The very able team screened around 3900 patients for eye related problems and 2300 ENT patients were checked. At the end of the camp, they treated 265 people for cataract and 60 for ENT related ailments They were also transported to Thika for further treatment.

Dr. Savla has been so dedicated to this camp for last many years. His wife was equally passionate and went about helping the Doctor in his work. Many doctors joined them at the camp. More than eight hundred people received free treatment for eyes and other ENT  problems at the camp.