Hindu chariot celebrations in Ealing draws crowd of more than 30,000

More than 30,000 people came together during a mass celebration of Hindu culture in West Ealing on Sunday (August 14). The streets of West Ealing were filled with colourful dresses, short robes around waists and a host of other Hindu attire for the chariot procession from around 10am. It began outside the Shri Kanaga Thurkkai Amman Temple, which organised the event, in Chapel Road and made its way through nearby streets including Uxbridge Road, before returning to the same spot at 5pm. According to the temple’s chairman, Durairajasingham Ratnasingham, this year’s celebration drew a crowd of around 30,000 with people visiting from all over the world.

He said: “It was very nice, we served up food for 30,000 people and the children and adults were worshiping.”Everyone enjoyed it and the weather was very good – it drew people from all over the world.” As part of celebrations, revellers rolled their bodies on the road surface, carried pots of milk on their heads and also pierced their skin while music was played. Giant, colourful chariots were dragged through the streets as exciting crowds watched on. Labour Ealing Council leader Julian Bell was in attendance and described the event as having a “fantastic atmosphere.”

Cllr Bell added: “It is a fantastic celebration of culture and religion and it is always very well attended.”It is very popular and it shows that rich diversity. Crowds are always well behaved.”