Celebration of Maha Shivratri Mahotsav at Ashram

Dear All,

Harihi Om.

Shivratri “Utsav” was celebrated with devotional Ferver for whole day. We had regular morning Pooja from 6 AM thru 7.45 AM which was followed by “Rudra Yajna” from 9AM thru 11.15 AM.

“Rajopchar Pooja” and Maha Aarti was performed from 11.45 AM thru 1.30 PM which was followed by “Bhiksha” and “Shivmahimna Parayan” till 4.45 PM.

MahaPooja was performed from 5 PM thru 7.15 PM followed by “Nrutya-Bhajan”.

Thru whole night, different “Prahar Pooja” were performed till 5 AM next day.

Faral Prasad was offered to one and all- almost 1200 persons (after bhajan @ about 9.30 PM) took Prasad@ Ashram. Om Namah Shivaya.

Here are few pictures.