Multi-faith service “seeking God’s mercy” off—will be held as “Thanks to God” service after coronavirus

The multi-faith prayer service where Nevada’s faith leaders from various traditions planned to join together on March 15 to pray for God’s mercy concerning worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, its victims and their loved ones, and care providers; has been cancelled due to public health concerns.

According to its coordinators—distinguished religious statesman Rajan Zed and senior Greek Orthodox Christian priest Stephen R. Karcher—this unique multi-faith service would be restructured as “Thanks to God” service at the same venue once the coronavirus threat is over.

In a remarkable interfaith gesture, this Service was planned to include prayers by Christian (various denominations), Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha’i, Native American, Pagan, etc., religious leaders; and an Atheist speaker.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism; and Father Karcher; in a statement in Reno today, said that in the meantime participants would be urged to pray individually seeking divine mercy to halt the spread of coronavirus.

We strongly believe that all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving God will realize the intent behind whole-hearted plans of his children, from seriously different traditions, coming together to pray for the common good of the local and world community; Rajan Zed adds.