PM Narendra Modi releases stamp on 1,000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released commemorative stamp on 1,000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanujacharya in Delhi on Monday. The PM, after releasing the stamp, remembered the saint and said, “the central message of Sant Shri Ramanujacharya’s life was inclusive society, religion and philosophy”. The PM, in a tweet in the morning, had said that the “rich thoughts” of Sant Shri Ramanujacharya continue to influence many. Later, while releasing the stamp, he said the saint “saw the manifestation of God in Human beings and Human beings in God. He saw all devotees of God as equal.” He broke the settled prejudice of his times, PM Modi added.

The PM further said that it was the thoughts of Sant Shri Ramanujacharya that numerous social movement has taken place in the period of 1,000 years (‘Sant Shri Ramanujacharya Ke Vicharon Se Hi Prabhavit Hokar Ek Hazar Varsh Ke Iss Lambe Daur Mein Kai Samajik Andolano Ne Janm Liya’). He added that it was the life and thoughts of the saint that strengthen the Indian society (‘Sant Shri Ramanujacharya Ke Jeevan Aur Shiksha Se Bharatiya Samaj Ka Udar, Bahulatawadi Aur Sahishnu Swaroop Aur Majboot Hua’).

Speaking on the occasion, PM Modi said the map of the world has been changed with many big countries ceasing to exist. But, India is moving forward with the “mantra” of ‘Sabka Sath-Sabka Vikas’ (Duniya Ka Naksha Badal Gaya, Bade Desh Khatm Ho Gaye, Lekin Humara Bharat, Humara Hindustan, Sabka Sath-Sabka Vikas Ke Mantra Ke Sath Aage Badh Raha Hai).

Earlier on the day, the PM had also paid tributes to Adi Shankaracharya on the occasion of his birth anniversary. The PM on Monday took to his Twitter account and wrote “I pay my tributes to the venerable Adi Shankaracharya, whose philosophy & teachings are invaluable forever.” On the day, when PM Modi issued a joint statement on the meet with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, further praised the saints for contributing to the society. In another tweet, he said “India’s saints have a long-lasting contribution to our society. We cherish their positive impact and influence.”