Presentation on forestation in a remote area called Katuk Odeyo near Katito in Kisumu county

This week it was a different challenge to go to farmers and land owners who are keen to grow forests on their lands to stop and reduce soil erosion taking place near their village. It was disheartening to see that this land is the example of largest soil erosion of Kenya.

The place where we had gathered was not far from the six kilometers long soil erosion galli which got developed in the last few years. It is due to the pressure of water coming to their lands and spoiling the crops and destroying the villages completely. People have slowly started shifting away from the shore of the galli as they are afraid of any calamities. Hence we were focused more on forestation and developing trees to save the lands. Let’s try to stop it and develop forests in nearby area. The village has 2000 people with 500 acre of lands ready for farming. They also have started digging the holes to save rain water.

I found that people were keen on vegetable farming too. I also planted few trees in their farms to create boundaries to secure the land.  It was truly a learning experience to get up and close to farmers of the soil. I have started realising that any contribution to nature and the caretakers of nature directly reaches our heart and soul and the satisfaction derived out of it is amazingly different from any other worldly pleasures.