Shraavan Worship at Kamaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Kisumu

Shraavan known as Shivmaas is the holy month dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. As per scriptural records, Lord Shiva mentioned to his beloved wife Parvati that out of all the twelve months, Shraavan Maas (month) is the most special and glorious to him. Since then this month bears special significance in the Hindu religion and it is believed that fasting on any day during this whole month reaps fruitful results.  The four or five Mondays and the Ekaadashi (the eleventh day of the waxing and waning moon) that fall in Shraavan are considered extremely virtuous and sacred. Those who cannot keep fast throughout Sharaavan can perform it during these sacred days. Shraavan somvars are exclusively spent in Shiva dhyan. The devout visit Shiv temples to perform abhisheks to Shivlingas. Lingas are bathed with milk and honey, people observe fasts and the chants of the holy rudram and chamakam fill the air in and around temples.

All over India and the world, worshippers can be seen heading to Shiv temples and in Kenya, the Kamleshwar Mahadev Temple in Kisumu attracts hordes of worshippers during this month. The Bhoot Bhavani group visited the temple and performed Shiv Abhishek with more than two hundred people participating in the Shravan month celebration.