Maitreyi (8th century BC) was a saint and a philosopher who lived in ancient India. She was mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads, and her importance is also mentioned in the great texts. She is believed to be the consort of the great Rishi Yajnavalkya. But some ancient texts mentions that Maitreyi had never married. Whatever may be, she is a pious and a chaste woman who contains good knowledge in divine subjects, and considered as a great woman rishi.
She had frequently discussed about the soul and the body of the human beings with Sri Yajnavalkya in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. According to their dialogue, love is the main thing and it must be expressed by each and every living being in the earth, and an Atma can become a Paramatma, only through constant meditation and doing good things to others. She used to frequently clear her doubts with the great sages and scholars. Mata Maitreye is a great scholar in Advaita philosophy, and she is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and used to regularly perform Puja to the Shiva Lingam at her Ashram. She was a great poet, and used to sing songs in the Shiva temples and was a good natured woman. Her father had served as a minister in the ancient king’s court, and contains great knowledge in all the subjects.
Maitreyi, was considered as a brave women of ancient India, and acts as an example for others. A college in New Delhi is named as the Maitreyi Vedic College, in order to honour the great scholar and saint.
Let us worship Mata Maitreye and be blessed.

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