Introduction Vishnu is the protector and preserver of the universe. He is the upholder of the moral order and hence known as the most prevalent god of the Hindu Trinity.Read More →

KURMAVTAR ·         Introduction ·         Legends of the Kurmavtar ·         Legend of Mohini ·         Iconography of Kurmavtar ·         Temples Introduction Vishnu protects the universe in many ways. In his second incarnation,Read More →

Content ·         Introduction ·         Legends of the Varahavtar ·         Iconography of Varah ·         Temples ·         Worship ·         Symbolism   Introduction Being the protector of this earth, Vishnu saves it fromRead More →

Contents Introduction Legends of the Narsimhavtar Iconography of Narsimhavtar Temples Worship Symbolism Introduction The fourth incarnation of Vishnu is Narsimh – the half man, half lion form. He took thisRead More →

Content Introduction The Buddha Avatar Iconography Introduction Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism is revered as the ninth incarnation of Vishnu. The great ascetic is a preacher who opened theRead More →

Contents Introduction The Kalki Avatar Iconography Temples Symbolism References Introduction Kalki is the tenth and future incarnation of Vishnu. It is predicted in various puranas and other texts that VishnuRead More →

Contents Introduction Legends of KrishnAvatar (Life) Birth Putanavadh Childhood Kaliyamardan Youth Govardhandharna Kamsavadh Dwaraka Marriage Nirvan Krishn in Mahabharat Bhagvadgita Iconography of KrishnAvtar Temples Vrindavan Puri Worship Janmashtami The mostRead More →

Content ·         Introduction ·         Legends of the Parshuramavtar ·         Parshuram in the Ramayan ·         Parshuram in the Mahabharat ·         Iconography of ParshuramAvtar ·         Temples ·         Worship ·         Symbolism Introduction TheRead More →

Contents Introduction Ramayan Valmiki Ramayan Ramcharitmanas Ram in classical Sanskrut Literature Legends of Ram Avatar Birth Childhood Marriage Kaikeyi’s Demand and Ram’s Vanvaas Bharat’s Visit Read More →

Content ·         Introduction ·         Legends of the Vamanavtar ·         Iconography of Vamanavtar ·         Temples ·         Worship ·         Symbolism Introduction Vaman, the dwarf is the fifth incarnation of Vishnu and itRead More →