INTRODUCTION Artha Nareeswarar temple in vasudevanallur at Tirunelveli Destrict is a famous temple, and it is several centuries old temple. The main deity of the temple is Lord Arthanareeswara also called as Chinathamaninathar, and the name of Devi is Idapaga Valli. There are also other shrines for Lord Nataraja, BairavaRead More →

INTRODUCTION The Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is a famous shiva temple situated in Vaikom, Kerala. The temple is a popular temple similar to Ettumanoor Siva Temple and Kaduthuruthy Thaliyil Mahadeva Temple. By visiting these kerala temples altogether, our various wishes and needs will be fulfilled. Devotees can approach the temple officers, and can pay the prescribedRead More →

INTRODUCTION Pallikondeswara Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is situated in Surutapalli, a village in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The main deity Pallikondeswara, unlike in other Siva Temples, will be in the form of resting posture, and such a kind of form is not found anywhere else. Palli Kondeswarar is found along withRead More →

The holy land of India is a conglomeration of all religions with temples, mosques, churches and other edifices dotting its skyline. Its sacred rivers, historical past and rich cultural heritage has always been eulogised by historians both in India and abroad. Read More →

The Thousand pillar temple is located in Hanumakonda, near Hyderabad. As the name suggests, the temple has a thousand pillars and is designed in the Kakatiya style of architecture. Built by King Rudra Deva in 1163 A.D., the temple complex also hosts a lush green garden in its front.Read More →

From ancient times, temples have been the hub of community life where all major events and festivals in an individual’s life have been celebrated. The structure and symbolism in a temple is deeply rooted in Vedic traditions. Read More →

The state of Tripura in the North East of India offers plenty of attractions to tourists in the form of rock-cut carvings, temples and palaces. Pilgrims and tourists come from all parts of the country to visit the temples which are well known for their design and sculptures.Read More →

Punjab is one of the states situated in the North Western part of India. Known as the ‘land of five rivers’ it is famous for its religious diversity. It is home to various places of historical importance and religious significance.Read More →