Kari Nayanar

KARI NAYANAR INTRODUCTION Kari Nayanar is one of the 63 nayanar saints, and was a great worshipper of Lord Shiva. He rendered a famous Tamil text named as Karikkovai. Hence he was called as Kari Nayanar. LIFE Kari Nayanar was born in a Brahmin family in Thirukkadaiyur, Near Amritaghateswarar – Abirami Temple and the ancient Thirukkadaiyur Mayanam temple. HeRead More →

Sirappuli Nayanar

SIRAPPULI NAYANAR INTRODUCTION Sirappuli Nayanar was a Nayanar saint, and is considered as one among the 63 nayanar saints. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and lived his life by worshipping him by chanting his names and by serving his devotees. LIFE Sirappuli Nayanar was born in Thiruvakkur, Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu. HeRead More →

Viralminda Nayanar

VIRALMINDA NAYANAR INTRODUCTION Viralminda Nayanar is a Nayanar saint, and considered as one among the 63 Nayanars. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva and gave good respect to his devotees. LIFE Viralminda Nayanar was born in Kerala, and he belongs to vellalar caste. He honoured the shiva devotees in a properRead More →

Yenathinathar Nayanar

YENATHINATHAR NAYANAR INTRODUCTION Yenathinathar was a Nayanar  saint and a great shiva bhakta and considered as one among the 63 Nayanars. LIFE Yenathinathar was born in Kumbakonam  of Tamil Nadu. He was a brave and a good swordsman and served as an army general in the Chola kingdom. He was a rich personRead More →

Guru Raghvendra

LIFE HISTORY OF GURU RAGHAVENDRA INTRODUCTION Guru Raghavendra is a great saint of Mantralayam, and though he had entered into the Divine Brindavana, before 350 years, but still he is showering his grace on his devotees, and relieves their sufferings and problems. The day which he attained Samadhi is celebratedRead More →

Muralidara Swamigal

  SRI MURALIDARA SWAMIGAL INTRODUCTION During the 16th century AD, Muralidara Swamigal was born in a village at Guruvayur, and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan. He used to chant the 1000 names of Lord Krishna regularly, and then only he used to have his morning food. But however,Read More →

SHIVAGNANA SWAMIGAL INTRODUCTION Shivagnana Swamigal, who is also fondly called by his devotees as Shiva, was a great saint, who lived in a village in Tamil Nadu, before few hundred years. He was a famous astrologer, and wrote lot of spiritual and astrology books, which is still helpful for the people. HeRead More →

SRI GUHANANDA SWAMIGAL  INTRODUCTION Sri Guhananda Swamigal(20th century AD) was born in a village in Tamil Nadu. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga, and as per the advice of his Guru Vallimalai Sri Sachidananda Swamigal, he began to regularly sing songs on Thirupugazh, which was written by theRead More →

SAGE SUBRAMANYA INTRODUCTION Sage Subramanya was born in a village in Tamil Nadu, before some hundred years. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, and sang many divine songs on him. He also restored the eye sight of a Muruga devotee, by praying to Lord Muruga, and he restoredRead More →

DOKKA SEETHAMMA INTRODUCTION Dokka Seethamma (1841–1909) is considered as a great saint, and an incarnation of Ma Annapoorna, who had dedicated most of her life towards serving food to the hungry travellers and to the poor people. She was a devotee of Lord Shiva and Ma Shakti, and used to regularlyRead More →

THE HOLY GURU OF SHAKATAPURAM  VIDYA PEETAM INTRODUCTION Shakatapuram, is a holy place for Hindus, and it is located in Karnataka, near Sringeri  on the banks of the Holy River Ma Tungabadra. A famous Mutt called Shri Vidya Peetam is located at Shakatapuram, and consecration ritual is also done to this holy Mutt. Sri Krishnananda Teertha Swamigal is aRead More →

SWAMI MADHAVDAS JI MAHARAJ INTRODUCTION Swami Madhavdas Ji Maharaj was a philanthropist and he was the Saint of the Prem Prakash Mandal. He was born in the year 1914 in a village at Hyderabad, Sindh Province at Pakistan to a pious Sindhi family. His parents were ardent devotees of LordRead More →

MEYKANDAR INTRODUCTION Meykandar (13th century AD) also known as Meykanda Devar, was a great shaiva saint and scholar. He had rendered a famous devotional work called as Siva Jnana Bodham which tells the importance of the shaivism sect and features the greatness of Lord Shiva. His birth name was Swethavana Perumal. LIFE Meykandar wasRead More →

PASUMPON MUTHURAMALINGA THEVAR INTRODUCTION Muthuramalinga Thevar (1908 –1963), who was also known as Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar, was a popular personality among the Tamil people, and he is worshipped as a Holy saint by the people belonged to Thevar community. He was one among the noble persons who lived in the 20th century andRead More →

SWAMI VAMANASHRAM INTRODUCTION Swami Vamanashram was one of the holy gurus of the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin community. He occupied in the pontiff seat from 1823 to 1839 in the Chitrapur Mutt situated at Uttara Kannada District at Karnataka. Swami Vamanashram had been trained under his guru Swami Keshavashram for several years, and due to that, heRead More →

SRI KACHIYAPPA SIVACHARIYAR INTRODUCTION Kanda Puranam is the Tamil version of the Sanskrit version Skanda Purana. It was written by the great saint Sri Kachiyappa Sivachariyar at Kumara Kottam at Kanchipuram. He lived during the 10th century AD at Kanchipuram. He was a Shaivite saint, and at his young ageRead More →

SHUDDHANANDA BHARATI   INTRODUCTION Dr. Shuddhananda Bharati (1897–1990) was a great saint and a poet. His teachings are focused mainly on the realization of the god in our inner self, and doing meditation and yoga. Bharati was born in Sivaganga and attained Jeeva Samadhi in Sholapuram. He was the founder ofRead More →

NIJAGUNA SHIVAYOGI INTRODUCTION Nijaguna Shivayogi (15th century AD) was a great saint and a devotional writer in the Kannada language. He was a follower of Lord Shiva, and he was the ruler of a small region in Mysore. His famous text Vivekachintamani, was written in a simple style and it was stolen the heartsRead More →

SRI GURU NABHA DAS INTRODUCTION Sri Guru Nabha Das was a saint and the author of the holy text, The Bhaktamal. In this sacred text, Nabha Das wrote the life history of several saints, and explained their greatness and their dedication to the god. He was born in the year 1537 at Bhadrachalam, onRead More →

INTRODUCTION Sri Odukathur Swamigal(19th century) was born in a pious Naidu’s family in the North Arcot District. He was born after performing many pujas and observing fasts by his parents. His birth name was Seshiah. Seshiah, even at his childhood, showed no interest in worldly matters, and concentrated his attentionRead More →