Shrivedant Foundation has undertaken the ambitious task of digitizing Scriptures. Hindu Scriptures are vast repositories of knowledge that have universal relevance and transcend time and space. They are endless-AnantovaiVedaha. No one knows exactly when they were created though scholars have attempted innumerable times to fix a date on them. TheyRead More →

SVF develops content based on Scriptures, environment, spirituality and humanity which can help us in our daily life. We have touched various topics like lifestyle, management, science, maths, yoga, health and wellness, vegetarianism, meditation, mental and physical wellbeing etc. We intend to distribute this content on various platforms like websites, mobiles,Read More →

KVC donates quality seeds so that local communities can get empowered and grow food. ‘Food for all’ is a worthy cause and seed donation is the backbone of this program. Quality of soil is also an essential factor that has to be taken into account. If soil is not preparedRead More →

Another initiative from KVC is tree planting in Kenya. Planting trees for the environment is good as they are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Kenya Vegetarian Club is planning to plant a hundred trees in every school in Kenya. There are more than ten thousand schools in Kenya. KVC has madeRead More →

The Veg Safari by Vaishali Shah describes her amazing journey as a passionate advocate of vegetarianism in Kenya and the detailed reasons put forth by her for the world to embrace vegetarianism. The book explores the compelling need for the world to turn vegetarian today. The choice to turn wholly veganRead More →

The Kenya Vegetarian Club

The Kenya Vegetarian Club established by Shrivedant Foundation supports the cause of vegetarianism and veganism and hopes to increase the number of vegetarians in Kenya. The Club endeavors to Promote human health Protect animal rights Preserve the environment It aims to achieve these by Tree planting Seed Donation Vegetable farming Seminars onRead More →

  Shrivedant Foundation has built a temple for lord Shiva in July 2013 in the town of Kibigori near Kisumu in Kenya. The temple with modern amenities like a full fledged kitchen, hall etc serves as a centre for the food outreach program and medical camps that are conducted byRead More →