किस यज्ञ से कौन सा फल   आर्टिकल यज्ञ का धार्मिक महत्व तो है ही इसके पीछे पर्यावरण और विज्ञान संबंधी कारण भी छिपे हैं। प्राचीनकाल में राजा कई यज्ञ करवाया करते थे, बारिश के लिए, राज्यवृदिध के लिए और विश्वविजयी कामना से। कई कथाओं में पुत्रप्राप्ति के लिए भीRead More →

Devata – the Luminary in a Yajna Vedic literature is the broad foundation on which the magnificent edifice of Yajna has been raised. This mansion is for the devata of the yajna. Just as a king is a unique figure in his kingdom, the devata too is unique to everyRead More →

Devatas are natural powers. They are ready to shower grace, but only as long as we are righteous. Pure air is essential for the biosphere and is available in plenty, but if excesses are created whereby the cycle is broken or the balanced proportion of gases in the atmosphere isRead More →

Holistic ancient lifestyle advocates the pursuit of a good, clean and wholesome life. The Yagya routine followed in the ancient days provided the means of quantum healing through Physics, Pravargya and many other skillful traditions. Some of these are discussed as below:- Physics (Padarth Vijnan) for Holistic Living Physics isRead More →

The chanting of mantras and the rituals that follow, work as a switch to enable the flow of power from the source – the devata.Read More →