Sant Bhagwan Baba



Sant Bhagwan Baba(1896-1965) was born in the year 1896, in a holy Hindu family, at a village in Maharashtra, was regarded as a great saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Vittal, also called as Vithoba and Panduranga, a form of Lord Krishna. He is one of the famous Varkari Saints of Maharashtra, and his birth name was Abaji tubaji Sanap.

He followed the foot-steps of the famous Varkari saints such as Sant Eknath and Sant Tukaram, and developed great Krishna Bhakti similar to them. His disciple was Bhimsingh Maharaj.

Bhagwan Baba imparted spiritual awareness amongst the people through his melodious devotional songs on Lord Krishna throughout Maharashtra. He had attained the divine grace of Lord Krishna by performing Bhajans in the temples, through meditation and sincere prayers. He had gained name and fame through his devotional songs, and he also wrote poems against social injustice to the lower class people, irrelevant customs and traditions and caste discrimination which prevailed during his time. He toured to various parts of India, and he preached about spirituality, people’s unity, brotherhood, bondage in family, widow remarriage, and giving proper respect to women etc.

His entire family had strong faith on Lord Vitthal at Pandharpur for many generations. Abaji went to Pandharpur at his young age, and worshipped Lord Vitthal with full of joy in his mind. Abaji was the disciple of Manik Baba, a great saint of Maharashtra, who named him as ‘Bhagwan Baba’. His brother has also become a Saint, and his name was Shri Vamanbhau Maharaj. After rendering valuable service to the society and to the god for many years, he left to the divine abode in the year 1965.


  1. Lord Krishna is aware of everything which we do in our daily life.
  2. Lord Krishna always loves you!
  3. Lord Krishna would take care of your life!
  4. Utter the names of Lord Krishna, and enjoy the great sense of satisfaction in your mind.
  5. Lord Krishna is our Guru and God, and he will give all sorts of goodness to us, based on our sincere faith on him.
  6. Those who do sacred acts such as providing food and helping others, would be very much liked by Lord Krishna, and he would always dwell in their hearts.
  7. Always keep thinking about Lord Krishna, and beg him to shower his grace on us.
  8. The entire universe exists due to the powers of Lord Krishna.
  9. Lord Krishna would heal the diseases of his sincere devotees, and would give them a good health, with a strong mind.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.