Brahmanda (The Universe) means the entire worlds present on the skies which includes the fourteen worlds, the soon and moon, powerful planets and the shining stars. Before the creation of the universe what was there? Did anybody live on the clouds? Or did any divine light was present?

Before the creation of the Universe, that is the Brahmanda, nothing was there! There was full of darkness, and no deities, humans and celestials were present! And this darkness was lasted for several millions of years, and finally, a huge radiance was developed on the skies, and as per our Hindu Puranas, that radiance then became Lord Vishnu who was seen undergoing in the Yoga Nidra posture (Meditative sleep) in the divine serpent bed, Sri Adisesha Bhagavan. And slowly from his body, one by one was created, like Lord Brahma. When Brahma was formed, first he was unaware of his position, and when he saw his father Vishnu in order to clarify his doubts, he was seen deeply undergoing the Yoga Nidra, and due to that, Lord Brahma himself had started doing meditation, and after undergoing meditation for several years, finally he had got the divine vision of Lord Vishnu, who was then instructed Brahma to create the entire fourteen worlds, and also to create the living beings like insects, animals, birds, demi gods and the deities in the Universe.

Lord Brahma has obeyed the orders of his father Lord Vishnu, and created the entire things preferred by him. Some people are of the opinion that the entire world was first created by Lord Shiva and some says it was Ma Shakti, and in the Skanda Purana, it was mentioned that Lord Muruga was exist even before the creation of the universe, and likewise in the Vinayaka Purana, it was mentioned that Lord Vinayaka is the first and foremost god, and only through his powers, the entire universe was born!

In order to explain about this in a simplified manner, actually only one power element (Deities) was there, and in order to easily identify it, various names were kept for that cosmic power such as Vinayaka, Murugan, Shiva, Shakti, Brahma and Vishnu.

Actually, why living beings are subject to Karma, good and bad, why they suffer from bad karmas? Why god has created the living beings in a different, different form, and why he makes us to suffer?

This can be explained through an example. Once, Ma Shakti Devi felt pity on the human mortals, about their short living life span and their sufferings. When she questioned about this to Lord Shiva, he has told to her “Hey My Dear Shakti, all the living beings are subject to karmas, and that is the principle laid down by me. Living beings cannot be created as alike, and they also cannot be kept monitored by the gods like me, since if I do like that, then the very purpose of my creation work itself would go wrong! Hence those who surrender at my feet, would be well-protected by me, and they would be properly guided by me”.

I used to raise this type of questions, during the times of my sufferings, both physical/mental. But no one could get answer for that, since our fate for this present birth and even for our forthcoming births were also been already fixed by the god! Then how can we overcome from our sufferings?

BHAKTI” – Through this mesmerising word, we could even bend our fate. Hence let us develop constant bhakti on the god, and let us be blessed.