ATCHADAI INTRODUCTION Atchadai is the mixture of rice with turmeric. It is considered as the sacred rice, which would be sprinkled on the heads of the newly wedded couple, during marriage functions, as an act of blessing them. It is being done like that, in order to express our heartiestRead More →


ABHANG INTRODUCTION Abhang is a type of divine poem which is sung in praise of Lord Vithoba, who is also known as Vitthala and Panduranga. Abhang means Flawless Divine poems continuously flows from the mouth of the Varkari Saints without any interruption. Abhang is very popular among the Vitthal devotees, and it was sungRead More →


ALAKAPURI INTRODUCTION Alakapuri is the abode of Lord Kubera, and he is the king of Yakshas and the Wealth god, and his attendants are called as Yakshas. He was mentioned in the Mahabharata, Vedas and in various other Puranas.Alagapuri appears similar to Deva Loka with regard to its art and architecture. Kubera is theRead More →

Agni Loka

AGNI LOKA INTRODUCTION Agni is the god of fire, he is a Vedic deity, and he contains powers similar to Lord Indra and Chandra.  He receives the oblation from the fire sacrifices and passes it to the respective demi gods like Indra, Surya, Vayu, Chandra and Varuna. His parents are RishiRead More →


CHARIOT INTRODUCTION A chariot is a type of ancient vehicle, driven by an experienced charioteer, with the help of well trained horses in order to travel from one place to another. Chariots were used by the armies during the times of battles, and ancient kings used to travel using a sophisticated golden chariot. DuringRead More →


GREATNESS OF THE DIVINE SAINTS INTRODUCTION Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Sai Baba are considered as the two eyes for the Hindu devotees. Both are considered as the divine saviours who had took the avatars in this earth for reducing our sins, diseases and removing the fear from our mind. TheyRead More →


INSECTS IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION In Hinduism, much respect is given to all kinds of living species, such as animals, birds, mammals and even insects. The other living beings in the earth would mostly be mentioned in ancient Puranas. Mata Brahmari, an aspect of Mata Durga, is associated with bees, andRead More →


IN SEARCH OF GOD INTRODUCTION Generally, sometime or other time, we would be having the doubt, whether god really exists in this world? This doubt would mainly occur in our mind, during the times of our difficulties. But after some time, we would ourselves get relaxed, by saying, that becauseRead More →


GOD’S CREATIONS INTRODUCTION God’s creations are considered as very beautiful, magnificent and marvellous. He has started his creation work before several millions of years, and we have crossed several stages of our life, like plants, insects, birds, mammals, animals and finally as a human being. According to Hinduism, it isRead More →


GOD’S ANGER INTRODUCTION The anger of the god is reflected in the form of the dreaded CORONA VIRUS. This was mainly happened, due to lack of faith and bhakti on the almighty. In general, god would never show his anger towards his own creations, but if we ignore him, andRead More →


GOD’S ACCOUNT INTRODUCTION Generally in small and in some medium sized concerns, in their business account, they would maintain a separate account, which is popularly called as God’s Account, and every year, during the beginning of the Accounting year, that is on 1st April, some amount would be set asideRead More →


GOD WOULD NEVER CHEAT US INTRODUCTION Unlike humans, god would never cheat us. In fact, he would be like our true friend, would safeguard our belongings, and would never make us to shiver at any point of time. But if we plan to make any offerings to the almighty, weRead More →

Dharma And Adharma

DHARMA AND ADHARMA INTRODUCTION Dharma contains different meanings in different religions.  In Hinduism, dharma means the right way of living, choosing the spiritual path and lives according to the principles, philosophies and teachings of the great saints. Providing food to the living beings and doing help to others and removing the tearsRead More →


BHAKTI IN HINDUISM INTRODUCTION Hinduism is an ancient religion and it follows the principles of Dharma and teaches good philosophies to us. People belonged to Hinduism would celebrate the family functions with much pleasure and enthusiasm, and they would invite their neighbours, friends and relatives for their family functions suchRead More →


GOD IS OUR BEST FRIEND INTRODUCTION God is our best friend. He would hug us, console us and would remove the tears from our eyes during our difficult times, and also he would bring happiness in our lives, through his divine touch. But making the god as our friend isRead More →


GOD IS OUR BEST RELATIVE INTRODUCTION Instead of relying upon the help of our relatives, we can consider the supreme god as our best relative. Whenever we are in need of some help, in general, we would approach our relatives only. But they may or may not help us, andRead More →


DWADASI ANNADANAM INTRODUCTION Performing annadanam is a sacred activity, and especially performing annadanam in temples/mutts on Dwadasi days is considered as a noble activity, since Ekadasi and Dwadasi days are the most favourite days to Lord Vishnu. Among the dwadasi days, Vaikunta Dwadasi day is considered as very auspicious forRead More →

Lord Venkateswara

‘GOVINDA, GOVINDA’ INTRODUCTION The word Govinda denotes Lord Venkateswara who is also called as Srinivasa, and he resides in Tirumala, and he is also called as the Lord of seven hills. He receives money as donation from us, and in turn gives all kinds of prosperity to us. Lord VenkateswaraRead More →


DECORATION OF DEITIES INTRODUCTION Decoration of deities is a good task. Similar to decorating ourselves and our children, we must have to decorate the divine deities also, based on our financial status. In most of the Hindu temples, the deities would wear rich costumes, costly necklaces and would be adornedRead More →


CRITICISM AGAINST SANATANA DHARMA INTRODUCTION Sanatana Dharma talks about the importance of reading Vedas and worshipping of the great almighty, in order to attain salvation. Sanatana Dharma asks us to worship the god through our soul. Without the help of the God we cannot attain Moksha. Everybody in this earth,Read More →