Jarugandi Jarugandi

Jarugandi JarugandiJarugandi Jarugandi


Whenever we visit Tirumala-Tirupati for getting the Darshan of Lord Balaji, we could hear one fine word from the mouth of the few temple staffs, and the word is ‘Jarugandi’, which means move fast and go ahead! They would frequently use this word, in a high pitch sound, in order to control the huge crowd present in the Tirumala Tirupati Temple.

Even after waiting for several hours in the temple premises, the devotees would never get tired, but would patiently wait with a cheerful face, in order to have a glimpse of their beloved Lord Balaji. Irrespective of the Jarugandi sound, and a heavy push by the temple staffs, after reaching the main shrine, still some of the devotees would wait for few more seconds to view the marvellous appearance of Lord Venkateswara. We can find the discussions between the devotees, “Even after waiting for a few hours in the queue, yet, I am able to witness the deity of Lord Venkateswara only for a few seconds time, due to the Jarugandi sound and the staffs urgent pull”. Before forty years ago, there won’t be huge crowd in the Tirumala Temple, even during festival times. Devotees can watch the divine vision of the deity even for a few minutes time, and the chief priest would also allow them to do so, and there won’t be much Jarugandi sound from the side of the temple staffs, and they also would allow us to watch the deity for few more additional minutes with a pleasing smile on their face.

But nowadays, due to the huge crowd present in the Tirumala Temple, some devotees are of the opinion, that the temple staffs are moving with the devotees in a harsh manner, and apart from raising the Jarugandi sound, sometimes they are also pressing hardly the shoulders of the devotees, in order to make them to move faster. But the devotees must understand that the temple staffs are not wilfully doing like that, and they are only doing the duty assigned to them, and also to give a golden chance to all of the devotees present in the holy Tirumala Temple, to get the darshan of Lord Venkateswara, whenever their turn comes.

My father, Sri.T.S.Ramasubban was a staunch devotee of Sri Venkateswara, and due to that,  I have visited the holy Tirumala for several times during my young age, along with my mother and sister.

We can get pleasant experience by visiting the Holy Tirumala, since, Tirumala is considered to be the “BOOLOKA VAIKUNTA”, Vaikunta in the earth.