Sena Nhavi is a famous saint of the Varkari sect and is a great devotee of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna. Sena worked as a barbar under the king of Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. After some time, he left his job, and started writing poems and singing the glories of Lord Vithoba. In theRead More →

Baba Lokenath was born in the year 1730 in a Brahmin family in the village at Kolkata. As per the wish of his father, he has entered in the spiritual path. He learnt the Vedas, Shastras and other divine scriptures under a great scholar. At his younger age, he leftRead More →

Tukadoji Maharaj (1909–1968) was a spiritual saint and a social reformer and he was born in a poor family in a village in Amravati District of Maharashtra. He was a disciple of Aadkoji Maharaj. He was involved in various social welfare activities of Maharashtra and offered free food, clothes and provided shelters to theRead More →

Morya Gosavi (14th century) also called as Moroba Gosavi was a popular saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that he was born in Bidar, Karnataka, to a noble family, and since he was lazy at his childhood, and didn’t attend to the school properly, his father hasRead More →

Narahari(13th century AD) is the famous saint of the Varkari sect and a goldsmith from Maharashtra. He lived in Pandharpur, where the sacred temple of Lord Vithoba is located. Previously, he was a staunch shiva devotee, and after some time, Lord Vithoba had made him to realize that both Shiva and Vishnu areRead More →